Speaking of Art

artistIf you are an artist, you need to learn how to not only write about your work, but you need to be able to speak about it as well. Writing “Bios” and “About Us” are typical things you need to write as an artist. It is important, though, to also add stories behind your work, though that can become more of a challenge. This is a skill that we all need to hone. When we spend time with collectors, they will often ask us to tell them about our work. We don’t want to be left stumbling over our words and missing out on a sell because of this. I have found myself in this very predicament.


I once spent a lot of time with the young artist who taught me the need to discuss my work. I have learned how valuable it is to add a story to each piece of art I create. The typical artist will claim that the art should speak for itself. What exactly does this mean? Each person that looks at your art may have a different interpretation. This is especially true for abstract work. The artist has a story or reason for creating the piece too, though, that gives the artwork meaning.


An artist that creates representational art may have an easier time with this. For instance, if they create a landscape, they may include the location and whether it was painted on site are from a photograph. They may even say what time of day the art represents, the colors, and the textures used. An artist whose work includes a model may tell a little information about the model.


For others, it may be a little more difficult to write about our work. One way to help with this, is to join a club for artists. They can help you talk through the process of telling the story of your art. You can also try to develop your stories as you create the art. They can become a natural part of the process. The biggest help, though, is to just write. Create a blog, write a newsletter, or just write questions that you’re constantly asked along with the answer. By taking these steps, you will become more comfortable talking about your work.

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