What the Type of Collector Means for the Artist

true artThere are several different kinds of collectors when it comes to art. We must consider what this means for the artist. Does it even matter what kind of collector is buying from the artist? Well maybe so maybe not. When the artist knows the type of collector they are talking with, they can steer the conversation with that information. This information can also help the artist when they are trying to market their art.


Different approaches will work better for different types of collectors. If you have someone in the market for art that looks at the prestige, your marketing style will have a lot of information about any awards won for the art, the value of the art, and any famous places that other work from the artist is hanging. If the artist is marketing towards someone looking for art for their décor, more information will be given about the color palette than anything else.


There is not necessarily one type of collector that is better than another. There are many reasons that any collector decides to collect your work as an artist. The artist needs to respect the reasons of the collector and just appreciate the fact that they are interested in the work. Most artists who consider themselves a purist, though, only desire to sell to collectors that love the art. They want to know that someone has been moved by their work. Fact is, though, that any time you make a sale, it puts the food on your table and allows you to buy more paint for your palette. My neighbor that does garage door repair creates art as a side job to pay for vacations. Income is income.


Always know your target audience when you begin marketing your art. Some marketing efforts will reach all groups of collectors. There are other methods, though, that will capture one set of collectors. Your best bet as an artist, is to try a variety of methods with your marketing so you can reach as many groups as possible.


There are a few things for you to keep in mind as an artist. For one, never get offended if someone asks you to change a color in your piece of art. If they do not consider your work as prestigious, don’t get offended. Don’t get offended if the customer doesn’t fall in love with your work. There are plenty of other collectors who will love your art regardless of the size or colors used. There will also be other collectors who will consider your work to be prestigious and those who will fall in love with it.

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