A Closer Look at Collectors

art collectorsIn a previous post, we discussed the type of collector who collects art to help with their décor. There are a few other types of collectors that I see on a regular basis. One of those types is the collector who collects art because they consider it to be an item of prestige. Another is the person that collects because they have a deep love and appreciation for art itself. And, then, there are those that are a combination of these types. In this article, I will be looking at those who see art as a type of prestige, those who merely love art, and those who fit in the combination category.


People who see artwork as items of prestige will tend to follow one or more artists and know a lot about them. They will likely know any awards that have been won by the artist and how much their art typically goes for. This kind of collectors will purchase artwork from artists whose names are well known. This kind artwork is typically expensive. They tend to feed their egos by being able to buy art that others cannot afford. Hence, items of prestige. They will, in some cases, purchase artwork that is considered mediocre from an artist who is highly acclaimed just to have it. They will avoid buying high-quality art from an artist that is not well-known simply because the art is not as high in demand.


My favorite type of collectors or those who purchase the art because it is something they truly love. They want to buy art that speaks to them. It doesn’t make any difference to them who created it, the color palette, the size, or anything else. They just know they love the peace and want to buy it.


And then you have the collectors who are a combination of types. Perhaps they love art and want to buy something that speaks to them, but the only art they look at is that that is created by a well-known artist. Another scenario is when a collector finds several paintings of prestige that he likes but, instead of choosing the one he likes best, he purchases one that fits in with the room where it would go.


As you can see, there are many different types of collectors in the world of art. Which kind are you?

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