Art Collectors

collectors artIt seems that, in the world of art collecting, there are only a few different types of collectors. Those include the collectors who use the art for decor, those who consider art to be an item of prestige, those who love it just because it is art, and, perhaps, those who are a combination of one of more of the previous groups.


To me, these types of collectors represent the clear majority of art collectors. Granted, I am sure there are the exceptions to these sets of people. I mean, there are those who collect art as a form of investment only. Those people likely still fit in one of the groups named above, though, most likely the one about art being an item of prestige. If they are going to gamble on the value of the item rising, they must believe the piece is highly sought after and high in value, right? There are other types of collectors that are not on the list, but they can all be fit into one of the categories listed above in my opinion.


Anyways, today we are going to look at those collecting art for décor. I am sure everyone has been around that type of person. These are the people that want the artist to change the color scheme of the painting or artwork so that it matches their color scheme. Or, they may need the art to be a certain size to fit into their predetermined area. Their primary concern is how the art will work with the color scheme and furniture already in the room. The subject matter and quality of the work come second. They tend to pass over many pieces of quality art work because it will not fit their area.


This kind of collector is one that can really frustrate an artist. They are the ones that do not truly appreciate the art itself, normally. Oftentimes, though, they are also the ones with the money to spend to keep an artist afloat.  The typical artist will see the décor collector more throughout their career than any other type of collector. These collectors are great for the artist that needs to pay their bills while they create their masterpiece, so they certainly have their place in the large scheme of things.

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